Who We Are


Welcome To Positive Developments

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Positive Developments Ltd. specializes in post-acute brain injury and traumatic injury rehabilitation.

We are committed to providing a wide range of rehabilitation supports, services and programs to survivors of traumatic injuries.

We focus on customized individual support with an emphasis on quality of life, independence, community integration and personal choice.

Agency Mission and Philosophy

Mission: To provide personalized support to assist survivors of traumatic injures and individuals with acquired brain injuries to establish a fulfilling lifestyle within the community.

Philosophy: We value each person as they are, with strengths, needs, and potential. We believe that people will grow in ways they wish, when assistance is given along with the chance to learn from life experiences.

We feel that all people have the right to follow their chosen lifestyle. We believe in supporting people to make informed choices about their life and in assisting them to reach their goals. We believe that supporting participation in community life contributes to a fulfilling lifestyle.

How do I start?

A free consultation is offered to outline the services and fee structure.

We work with you and if necessary your family, doctors, health care professionals, lawyers or insurance companies to complete an intake assessment to help discover what supports you need.

Any interested party can make a referral to Positive Developments Ltd.