Brain Injury Assist Ltd. - Supports for Community Living


Our Supports for Community living service provides flexible supports to a person who has sustained a brain injury. The emphasis is on developing and maintaining daily living skills, to promote and maximize each individual’s independence. Support and training is designed to reinforce and develop each person’s capacity for living as independently as possible. This program receives funding through Human Services and is available at no charge to the survivors.

Program Goals

Brain Injury Specialists work with survivors to establish goals and provide the skills, strategies and tools required to meet those goals.The emphasis of this program is to develop each person’s capacity for living as independently as possible.

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Possible Areas of service provisions include facilitating and supporting: Promotion of daily living skills including: Location of Services: Hours of Support:
  • Development of problem solving/ decision-making abilities

  • Development and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Coordination of personal support networks, with an emphasis on promoting and liasing with community services such as vocational, educational, volunteer, employment, social interaction, counselling etc.

  • Development of self –advocacy skill
  • Communication skills

  • Community awareness

  • Use of Transportation /Transit

  • Household management

  • Money Management

  • Menu planning – Food Purchase

  • Safety issues

  • Literacy

  • Leisure/recreation activities
  • Offered in the individual’s home and in the community

  • Anywhere in the Calgary Rockyview Region
  • It is expected that survivors are able to achieve their goals within two years of starting the program
  • Supports are available 7 days per week during the day and evening.